Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Liebster Award

This morning, I was totally surprised to see that the lovely Charlotte who writes Life is for Laughing, Loving and Shopping (http://charlotteslife93.wordpress.com/) had nominated me for the Liebster award. Thankfully, she explained what the Liebster award was, otherwise I would've been totally clueless, haha!

For those of you that don't know, the Liebster award recognizes new blogs, bloggers and what they're doing on the worldwide web! People nominate others by mentioning them and their blogs in a new post. The nominees, in turn, do the same, nominating blogs they like to read.

Here are the rules:

  • You must link the person who has nominated you.
  • You must share eleven random facts about yourself.
  • You must answer the eleven Liebster award questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
  • You must pick eleven bloggers under 200 followers to be nominated for the award.
  • You must come up with eleven questions for your nominees to answer.
  • You must go to their blogs and tell them that they have been nominated.

Eleven random facts about me:
  • I LOVE Malteser's Teasers bars - they are amazing; Malteser's but in a bar, like seriously who came up with that?!
  • I am a Starbucks lover - don't get me wrong, I love a good Costa, but Starbucks will always be my one true love.
  • Talking of Starbucks, I will have a skinny drink with cream on top, so don't look at me weird if you see me ordering my usual skinny Caramel Cream Frappucinno with extra cream on top. Surely the calories I save by ordering skinny account for the ones I have in the cream..?
  • My favourite perfume is Sean John Unforgiveable; it always attracts me from its spot on the shelf.
  • I love cheese! Seriously, I am just like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit! Cheeeeeeese!
  • Rimmel London makes up the majority of my make up collection.
  • Glamour magazine never fails to make me smile; always a good read!
  • I love Holby City and Casualty - I pretend I'm a doctor and can diagnose people's illnesses, I'm definitely learning some things ;)
  • My favourite YouTuber is Gabriella Rose, a.k.a. velvetgh0st (http://youtube.com/velvetgh0st). She's so bubbly, down to earth and so talented - her bloopers actually make me L...O....L!
  • I have a total girl crush on Jacqueline Jossa (a.k.a Lauren Branning) from EastEnders!
  • I love Skips! The fizzing on my tongue, divine!

Questions given to me:
  1. Why did you start your blog? - I became addicted to YouTube videos in early June when my little sister started looking for ideas for her prom makeup! I then started following their blogs, and it came to the point when I thought I could do it too - not YouTube, I'm no way good enough or confident enough for that, but writing, I can do that!
  2. What is your favorite clothing item that you own? - Tough one! I love my Kardashian Kollection dress I purchased from Dorothy Perkins, not that I've worn it yet... Something that I love and have worn? A new black lace effect top from Oasis, so pretty, can be worn with jeans or for a night out, totally versatile.
  3. Liquid or Powder Foundation and why? - Liquid. I am currently loving my Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation, such a nice coverage.. Before that, I wore Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation for years! I've never tried a powder foundation, always liquid and then a pressed powder on top...
  4. What do you like doing in your free time? - I love watching YouTube beauty gurus whenever I've got a minute, whether that's catching up with Zoella or Tanya Burr, or searching for new channels.. I also still love reading, despite it being key to my degree (you'd think I'd want a break, haha) and just hanging with my friends really. I'll shop whenever I can, but being a student doesn't really leave me much money for that.. :(
  5. Who is your fashion inspiration? - I don't have a specific person who inspires me, I love just flicking through a magazine and cutting out things I love to stick on my wall as a bit of inspo (there'll be a post on this once I get to uni, and have made my new inspo-board there). But if I did have to name names, I would have to say Lauren Conrad, Demi Lovato and the Kardashian/Jenner girls!
  6. Any advice for a new blogger? - Write something that you would want to read! Who cares if you don't instantly become a hit, or whether some people don't like what you're writing?! Your blog is ultimately for YOU, so make it something that you enjoy!
  7. What are you favourite blogs to follow? - I love velvetgh0st.blogspot.com, icovetthee.com and hello-october.com as well as Life is for laughing living and shopping, and Midnight Rose.
  8. Favourite make-up brand? - This is a tough one! I've loved Rimmel London for starting me off, but now I'm branching out into Maybelline, Revlon and Bourjois! L'Oreal do some great lipsticks! I love Vevo Cosmetics (available online and at Tesco), they are so well priced, and their products are amazing, so pigmented and wearable! I am looking forward to trying some higher end brands as well (watch out bank balance), and my best friend now works for Bobbi Brown, so I'm avidly awaiting her product suggestions.
  9. What is one thing you want to have accomplished before your next birthday? - This is a hard one.. I don't like to set myself time limits to things, and my birthday is not far away (end of January, eek, goodbye teens!). I would like to get a tattoo (though the idea of the pain terrifies me so it's going to take some courage) and I am currently trying to lose weight and tone my body, so by my birthday, I would like to be succeeding in my weightloss journey, and be happier with my body.
  10. Winter or Summer fashion? - Winter, all the way! I love cosy jumpers and jeans, boots, scarves, hats, the lot! Being uncomfortable with my body (both weight and my psoriasis and eczema) means I do not enjoying wearing shorts and vests, I'd much prefer to be covered up! Plus, I'm a winter baby, so maybe that has something to do with it!
  11. What is your must have skincare item? -  Skincare is what I'm trying to explore at the moment. I've got myself going with the make up and I now need to pay more attention to my skin. I love the Garnier Moisturiser, but the one I have is breaking my skin out because it's making my skin too oily, so a new one will be purchased before returning to uni! I am enjoying using the Garnier Simple Essentials Cleanser and Toner at the moment too. 

My Nominees:
I'll admit now, I don't know eleven bloggers that either have less than 200 followers, or that haven't already been tagged in replies that I have read, so I am nominating three girls that I enjoy reading who I haven't seen been tagged but that I think deserve to be nominated.
  1. Jodie Melissa - jodie-melissa.blogspot.com
  2. Happiness Dwells in the Soul - blogthiswithhannah.blogspot.com
  3. Peony and Peach - peonyandpeach.blogspot.com

My Questions to You:
  1. Why did you start your blog?
  2. If you could only have one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. If you had £1000, what would you rather spend it on, make-up or clothes?
  4. What are your favourite blogs to follow?
  5. What is your favourite make-up brand?
  6. What is your all-time favourite lipstick? Brand and colour?
  7. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  8. What is your number one beauty secret/tip?
  9. What is your favourite clothes shop?
  10. Who is your celebrity idol?
  11. Any advice for a new blogger?
Well this is the longest blog post I have ever posted and I never imagined I would write such a long piece. If you've got to the end, then congratulations, and I hope you know a little more about me :)

Till next time,

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hair Despair

Hi all,

I, like most girls I'm sure, really struggle to make any sort of decision when it comes to getting my hair done. Cut, colour, length, style? There are just too many decisions..

When I was 15 or 16, I decided it would be a fantastic idea to cut my hair... and when I say cut, I mean cut! I went from relatively long hair, to a bob no longer than my chin.
Said bob had been brown, highlighted blonde and red - really red!

Safe to say, I wasn't happy.

And now the time has come.. I need a haircut, desperately! Uni is starting soon, and my hair is as limp and lifeless as it gets. But now I have to make the difficult decision, what do I do? I've got a few favourites, but making a choice is never easy.

So here are my choices:
1) Lily Collins - an absolute beauty, such style and grace. If I could look like her, I would be content for life.

2) Lauren Conrad - my beauty idol for such a long long time! She took the jump with the bangs style, but am I brave enough? I'm not quite sure...

3) Lucy Mecklenburgh - her short hair has always tempted me, looks so cute! She can wear it curly or straight - I love a versatile hairdo!

I know Lucy Meck and Lily Collins both have similar hair looks, and I think I'll definitely be going in that direction.. My hair looks better slightly shorter, just because it looks thicker, but I love length too! I think Lily Collins might have pipped the others to the post, I keep going back to it, but hey, a girl can change her mind right? I'll keep you all posted!

Till next time,

Monday, 2 September 2013


Just a quick post to let you know you can now follow me on bloglovin :)

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Saturday, 31 August 2013

August Favourites

Hi all,

August has officially come to an end, and as my first post, I thought I'd share my monthly favourites with you. There have only been a few this month, but sure enough, my make up collection IS growing, and I'm sure my next favourites post will be a lot longer. So without further ado, here are my favourites:

Firstly, and possibly most importantly, I have fallen in love with my Real Techniques Foundation and Blush Brushes. I have been looking at these for weeks, possibly even months, trying to decide which brushes to try first. But payday came around and I took the plunge, choosing the brushes I thought I'd get most use out of. They are... AMAZING!! I have never used a foundation brush before, and now, I can't imagine not using them. The blush brush is so so fluffy, and is such a pleasure to use! I love them, and they will constantly be favourite beauty items, I am sure!

My next favourite is the Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser. I suffer from quite dry and sensitive skin in places, and this formula is perfect. It's nice and thick, so you don't need too much and it keeps your skin feeling hydrated forever.

My third favourite is the Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm. My lips always seem to be chapped, and I need a good lip balm, and this fits the bill. It leaves your lips feeling moisturised for ages, and it makes your lips TINGLE. This is my favourite quality.. How good is a lip balm that makes your lips tingle?! Must be doing something!!

My last favourite of the month is a relatively new purchase, and I instantly fell in love. Bourjois Colour Boost Glossy Lipstick! I don't need to say anymore. They'd been totally hyped up, and I finally caved in and bought one. I am so glad I did. The colour (Peach on the Beach) is so nice, and literally goes with anything I wear.. It feels lovely, and doesn't dry my lips out.. Seriously, you HAVE to try one!

Anyway, that's all for this month, hope you're all well, and I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Introducing... Me

Hi all,

Recently, I've become drawn to blogs, all sorts, fashion, beauty, life.. And as an English Literature student, I feel like I could get in on all the action.
So here's a little bit about me:

  1. I'm Alexandra, Alex, Lexie, Lex - whatever really! I'll answer to almost anything..
  2. I have less than 6 months left as a teenager! Twenty is fast approaching!
  3. I'm studying English Lit, at Surrey Uni, and love it.
  4. This is probably going to be really obvious, but I ADORE reading! I will literally read anything, but my all time favourite author is Jane Austen - I'm a hopeless romantic!
  5. I LOVE TINKERBELL! She is literally amaze! I have Tinkerbell everything - bedding, mugs, pyjamas!

So anyway, welcome to my blog. I'll try and keep it interesting, but it's going to be a space for me to tell the world everything!

See you next time,

Me (left) and my first uni friend Erin ♥